3 Tips For Business Marketing With Postcards

Many types of direct-mail marketing are rarely used in favor of online marketing. If you want to try direct-mail marketing, postcards provide the combination of low mailing expense and effectiveness.

Invest In High-Quality Postcards

One of the major advantages of using postcard marketing for direct-mail instead of letters is the recipient sees your message quickly, without it being obscured by an envelope they may not open. The better the quality of your postcards, the more likely they will stand out when someone reads their mail. Although postcards tend to be smaller than most mail pieces, they often attract attention if they are colorful, heavyweight, and are made with glossy paper, which is different than most mail pieces. It is worth the investment to choose higher-quality postcards and have them printed in color. If you want to keep costs more manageable, consider just using a color image of your business logo to keep graphics minimal.

Use Alluring Text

Since you are limited on space, you will need the text you choose to be impactful and alluring. One way is to focus on making the reader curious. You might tell them you are having a sale or they should learn more about a product. They would have to follow a link to a website or social media page where they would go to find out more information or check out the sale. Using QR codes is another way to increase interest with limited space, while making it easier for the reader to follow-through and check out your business. They can simply use their mobile device to scan the QR code and go directly to your website.

Don't Forget To Follow-Up

Although postcards are frequently used strictly for advertisement, try using them as a way to follow-up with customers or maintain contact without directly advertising. For example, you may want to create postcards that are sent out to previous customers during the holiday season or during their birthday month. You can always just send a postcard with a greeting, your business information, and logo. Although your business information will essential be a way of advertising and possibly encouraging a customer to return to your website to make another purchase, it can show you appreciate customers and just want them to know you are thinking of them.

Postcards are a good way of utilizing direct-mail advertising because they are more cost-effective and easier to mail than a letter or catalog. Integrating postcards as part of your advertising is one way to supplement purely online advertising.