3 Tips For Buying Display Cases

When you are going through the trade show circuit and want to be sure that you are able to get your hands on the best marketing materials, you will need to put together a solid, durable, informative display. This boils down to getting your hands on a display shipping case that lets you build your marketing materials and ship the whole package to your show in time to set up and put on a great exhibit. If you want to acquire one of these shipping cases, read the tips below so that you know what to do. 

Tip #1: Consider Whether You Want To Buy Or Rent Your Display Shipping Case

It might make sense to rent your display case rather than buy it, depending on the specific needs you have. Some points of consideration include the number of times you conduct these types of shows each year and how you plan to use the display case. For instance, if you go to many shows throughout the year, you should consider purchasing a display case. However, if you want more flexibility or want to lower your costs to spend toward other presentation staples like graphics and decorations, a rental might not be a bad idea. Take inventory of your business and presentation needs as you make this decision.

Tip #2: Consider The Type Of Display List That You Need

Depending on your materials and the type of trade show you are attending, certain display cases might be better suited for you than others. There are many display case types you can choose between, include a standard glass display case, museum display case, jewelry display case, acrylic or wall-mounted display cases, and displays with stocks shelves. You and your team will need to plan how you would like to mount and arrange your exhibits, as that will play a hand in deciding the type of display case that will be best suited for you.

Tip #3: Know What Specifications And Decisions Go Into Acquiring One Of These Display Shipping Cases

When purchasing display cases, envision how it will look on the show room floor. You will need to be sure it is large enough for your inventory, with enough space for you to move around the exhibit floor. Your trade shows should also have some suggested display case sizes that can guide you as you shop. You will be able to choose between materials like glass, metal and different types of words in order to select the best display case for what you need.

Follow these tips as you shop for a display case that will be best used at your trade shows. Visit www.trusskits.com to learn more.