3 Tips For Financial Advisor Marketing

If you are a financial advisor or are otherwise employed in the financial planning field, there are some steps you need to take to get the word out about your business. These financial advisor marketing tips will help you to take your financial advising business to the next level, while reaching greater levels of clients. With this in mind, you should consider these three pieces of advice below as you also touch base with a financial advisor business consultant who can help you out.

Tip #1: Speak in layman's terms

One of the biggest mistakes that financial advisors make is speaking financial jargon that the average person won't understand. Since they are hiring you to handle their finances, you need to be sure that you avoid this jargon, which will go over the heads of potential clients. Instead, consider getting writers or reach out to a marketing service company that can help you make the excellent first impression that you need with word choice and language that strikes a chord with readers, while still getting across the purpose of your company and the value you can provide.

Tip #2: Focus on telling stories

When you need your financial company to build a rapport with clients, it is critical that you express yourself in story form whenever possible. This way, your company mission, service and culture will come across loud and clear, providing you the opportunity to reach your client in a way that will close the deal. For instance, rather than simply selling clients on mutual funds, tell stories of people who have been able to retire, invest, own property, pay for college, travel and more due to the fact that they made the decision to open such accounts. This personalizes the issue for the reader, which will make you more likely to receive their business.

Tip #3: Ensure that your website creates the first impression you require

Without question, your website is the first impression that most web users will receive from you. While you must focus on search engine optimization, you should also be sure that you are giving great graphical presentation, functionality and ease of use for both your standard website and mobile website. Make sure that potential clients have enough information to prompt them to want to call you and do business.

These three tips will help you as you look to brand your financial advising company and grow your reach. For more help, reach out to a financial advisor marketing service.