Drive Traffic To Your Blog With These 3 Promotional Products

After filling your blog with interesting content and vivid photographs, you might discover that your traffic count doesn't reflect your work ethic. If you want to develop a dedicated following, you can't rely solely on search engines or social networking sites to bring visitors to your blog. You have to market your site to capture the attention of potential readers, and you can do this offline with branded products. Promote your blog with the practical products below, whether you need to send traffic to a recently launched blog or increase the number of people who visit a site you've owned for years.

Logoed Apparel

Display your blog's logo, header, or URL on a piece of apparel to share information about your site with the public. You can wear the clothing yourself or give it away at local networking events, festivals, and fairs. Another option is to host a logoed apparel giveaway on your blog that requires entrants to follow your site on social media or subscribe to its RSS feed for a chance to win.

Place your logo or URL in a prominent location on the apparel, such as across the chest or on the back of a shirt, when you order apparel from a promotional product dealer. Avoid hard-to-read logos embroidered on shirt sleeves or jacket collars, as these may not quickly attract the attention of potential blog visitors.

Car Magnets

Some automobile owners are hesitant to stick bumper stickers on their vehicles, so opt for car magnets with your blog name instead. Car magnets are easy to adhere and remove, and they don't have a paint-grabbing adhesive back like some bumper stickers do. Order multiple magnets and give them to friends and family members, or order a large magnet for your own vehicle. Keep the design simple since fellow drivers may find it difficult to read lengthy text or examine detailed images.

You can also order promotional magnets for refrigerators, lockers, or filing cabinets. Opt for a colorful magnet that includes your URL so interested individuals know where to find your site.  

High-Quality Pens

Promotional pens offer an affordable way to increase visits to your blog. Choose pens in eye-catching colors with clear font that spells out your blog's URL. Speak to a promotional product representative about different ink types so you can ensure you choose a long-lasting formula. This is important because recipients might quickly discard pens with low-quality ink.

Consider distributing pens at places where people need them, such as medical facilities or student loan offices. Make sure you don't leave pens in the offices of competitors, and always ask permission before leaving a large number of promotional products in a reception area.

Promotional products can help drive traffic to your blog, but remember that the products you choose are a reflection of your site. Talk to a promotional product company like AD-MARK Promotional Products to find branded apparel or logo merchandise within your preferred budget that meets your standards.