Marketing Yourself: Benefits Of Using A Resume Posting Service

Job hunting can be a draining experience, often because it requires a significant time commitment without any guarantee of success. Posting your resume so it is widely seen can give you an edge in your job seeking endeavors.

Increased Visibility

Posting your resume online improves your visibility, which makes it easier to get your resume in front of more recruiters and businesses. As a jobseeker, it is frustrating to spend hours submitting your resume to different job postings only to never hear back or to receive a cut-and-paste reply. Although it is important to continue applying jobs using conventional methods, since not all companies utilize job boards, using a resume posting service may increase your odds of hearing back from prospective employers who are genuinely interested in your resume.

Reducing Missed Opportunities

When you are looking through job posts, you may see terms, such as types of software or unique skills, that are foreign to you. This will typically cause you to skip over the job posting, because you assume you would not qualify for the job. Prospective employers may see your resume and determine you are a better fit for a position than you know or believe your background makes it easier to train you on different software platforms. Since employers know the type of skills they want in prospective employees, they may be willing to contact you, even if you don't think you're a perfect fit for their job posting.

Improving Your Resume

Part of resume posting platforms is improving your resume to make yourself more marketable to prospective employers. The services offered on these platforms may include tips or sample resumes so you can have a better idea of how to improve your resume. Some platforms may offer direct coaching or additional services so you can receive one-on-one guidance to fix problems on your resume and modify an existing resume to fit different professions.

Avoiding Scams

It is often easier to use a resume posting service than to try and sift through the numerous job postings online. Unfortunately, some job postings are not legitimate and may result in you losing money, or worse, going to an interview or physical location and realizing you were duped. Resume posting services can offer you a layer of protection because they typically deal with companies who have been screened and/or give you tips on how to screen job opportunities. These tips may involve not sending money or receiving money you did not work for and going only to in-person events with well-known, reputable companies.

As a job seeker, getting your resume in front of more employers will give you the best chance at finding  a job. Using a resume posting service has many benefits, which can make finding a job easier. Check out companies like WebMyResume to get started.