Marketing Your Cannabis Dispensary: Three Strategies For Your Website

Marketing your cannabis dispensary online is one way to help your business grow, but you want to make sure your website sends the right message to potential customers. Here are some strategies to consider to help your website draw in new traffic to your business and inform the public about what you do.

Create An Informational Center

One challenge dispensaries face is how to overcome preconceived notions about cannabis. Adding an informational page to your website can not only help inform future customers, but it can also help you stand out as an authority in your field. Consider having a professional writer create an FAQ section that addresses many of the common questions associated with cannabis to help inform readers. You may also want to run the final copy by your legal team to ensure you are in compliance with any regulations regarding what you can and can't say about your business.

Choose A Professional Design

You want to position your dispensary as a leader in your industry, and one way to do that is to make your website better than the rest. Work with a marketing agency to create a custom template that speaks to your business. Avoid cartoon-style graphics, as they can be seen as trying to attract younger customers, and choose a color palette you can use to reinforce your brand. If you don't already have a professional logo, as your marketing team to create one and incorporate it into the website. Be sure to include an About Us page and a Contact Us page to help new customers learn more about your business and learn how to find your store.


SEO is a thing, even for cannabis dispensaries. Using the right targeted keywords can help your website show higher in search results, which can in turn make it easier for new customers to find you. Work with your marketing agency to create a custom SEO plan for your business. It might include adding a blog to the website that covers topical information, and it may also include adding new pages to the site to provide additional opportunities for keyword usage. Remember to stick to the plan you create with your marketing team, and ask the team specifics about the plan. For example, you'll want to know why the team chose certain keywords and keyword phrases to target. There may be some words that have great numbers but might not be appropriate for your business to use, such as stoner, pot, and weed. While these words might help you climb through the search results ranks, they can also create the wrong impression for your business.

For more help, work with a cannabis website design service.