Can’t Stand The Bad Odors In Your Small Building? Get Rid Of Them

If your small office building has an unsavory or unhealthy odor, get rid of it now. Even small buildings can develop odors over time. The odors can come many sources, including an unclean air duct system and damp flooring. Get rid of the bothersome scents in your building with the tips below.

Keep Your Flooring Clean, Polished, and Dry

If you receive a lot of traffic during the day, it can take a toll on your flooring. Carpets, rugs, tile, and other floor coverings can become soiled and damp throughout the day. If customers or employees introduce mold spores into your building, that can also create an unpleasant odor in your flooring. Some types of carpet mold can cause illnesses in your staff and visitors.

If possible, keep all of your flooring clean, polished, and dry during the week. You may hire a handy person or housekeeping company to assist you with your cleaning duties. You may wish to come up with your own cleaning schedule to keep your flooring healthy. No matter how you choose to clean your flooring, be sure to maintain a schedule you can follow easily. 

You can also control the odor in your building by infusing your air duct system. 

Diffuse Your Air Duct System

Keeping your air duct system free of debris is one of the best ways to improve airflow and circulation through your small building. However, airborne contaminants, such as fine dust particles and mold spores, can enter your air duct system over time. Not only can dirt and other contaminants clog up your ducts, they can release odors into your building.

If you diffuse your air duct system, you may be able remove most of the unfavorable scents traveling through your building. Odor diffusing systems contain ingredients that break down airborne contaminants before they leave your air ducts. The systems may also release special scents or fragrances into the air in your building. Some systems clean the air without chemicals or fragrances. 

There are many types of commercial air duct scent diffusers available on the market. To save time, you want to contact a company or supplier like Scent to Success for assistance. A company can help you find an odor diffuser that fits the size of your HVAC system and office building. You may also need to consider other factors before you purchase your diffuser, such as whether or not you want to use a timer for your equipment.

For more ways to control the odors in your small building, contact a local company today.