Why Target Ages Matter When You Design New Products

When you create a brand-new product and want to pitch the product to the market, you will have several criteria to follow. You should focus on the target age group of your product to help build into the success of the item you design. The target age becomes an important factor for several reasons and can really impact the way your product sells. 

Check out some of the reasons why the target age matters and how focusing a product on a target age will make a difference in sales and success.

Infomercial Placement

When you launch a product, the product launch will likely include an infomercial to promote the product and showcase some of the key features. Along with the infomercial content, you want the placement of the commercial to match the demographics of your product.

For example, you wouldn't put a children's product commercial on a news network. You could find more success with a targeted audience on children's programming. The same goes the opposite way. You wouldn't want a home-goods product targeted at older adults to air in the middle of a children's cartoon.

The infomercial placement is key and the target demographic for your product will help you choose some of the more natural options.

Product Box Design

The target age for your product will make a difference in your product design as well. For example, a product aimed at younger children may use brighter colors and blocky fonts. An item targeted at teens and young adults may include more modern and stylized text.

Product boxes targeted toward older adults may use designs and fonts similar to other products on the market. The design style varies and product companies will want to base the design on what succeeds in certain age groups.

Release Date Window

If you have a product geared toward younger demographics, then the release date window really matters. For example, if you have a school supply or product used for education, then you would want a release date window in the summer to help cover back-to-school times.

If you have an outdoor product, then you would want a release window in early spring so the product can sell in the buildup to summer. Many toys, fidget products, and games could be launched around the holiday season to take advantage of holiday sales.

Work with a marketing company to help plan out all the details and select the best target age for your product launch.

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